My Ultimate Money Blueprint

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Congrats on your decision!
3 mins
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Decode Your Money Struggles Workbook
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My Ultimate Money Blueprint
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Money Mindset
Let's Talk Mindset...
3 mins
What is money mindset?
Transform Your Money Mindset
Money Mistakes to Avoid
2 mins
Spending Money & Emotions
Impulse Purchases
Personality Types - Spender vs. Saver
Action Steps
Why Does Accountability Matter?
Huddle Time!
What If...
Action Steps
Money Goals
Uncover Your Money Vision
3 mins
What are Money Goals and Money Vision Statement?
Dream Big Vision
Why have Money Goals?
How to Achieve Money Goals
Create a Money Vision Board
Money Basics 101
Your Money Journey
Cents Plan Formula
9 mins
Understanding Types of Income
Wants vs. Needs
4 mins
How to Budget Money and Still Enjoy Life
Importance of Cash Flow
Cash vs Credit Card Debate
6 mins
Credit Score Knowledge
Is Financial Freedom Even Possible?
Money Bliss Steps to Financial Freedom
4 mins
Money Bliss Steps to Financial Freedom
Financial Independence vs. Financial Freedom
Millionaire Habits That Will Change Your Life
Trap of Lifestyle Creep
Ready to Go From Broke to Rich?
Organizing Your Finances
Why Organize Personal Finances?
Financial Binder in Action
The Clutter of Paperwork
What to Keep & What to Trash
Cents Plan - Budget Time
Budget Basics
Level of Detail
Advantages of Budgeting
Write Down Income Sources
List Out Your Expenses
Personal Budget Categories
Bonus Time!
Cents Plan - Budget Part Two
Budgeting Timeframe
Budgeting Methods
Money Bliss Budgeting Method
Be Leery of Zero Based Budgeting
Budgeting for Haters
Budgeting with Irregular Income
Handling Infreqent Expenses
Bare Bones Budget - Know Your Number
Budgeting Apps
Pitfalls To Avoid
Cash Flow Killer Lesson
Why Debt is Holding You Back
Cash is King
I'm Debt Free, How to Stay That Way
Debt is Overtaking My Life
Using Credit Cards the Right Way
Emergency Fund Necessity
Understanding Emergency Funds
Guidelines for Your Emergency Fund
How Much To Save for Your Emergency Fund?
Variables That Impact Your Emergency Fund Size
Fund Your Emergency Fund
Temptation to Spend Your Emergency Fund
Action Steps
Saving Money in Buckets
Let's Talk Sinking Funds...
2 mins
Basics of Sinking Funds
Medical Fund
Rainy Day Fund
Saving Percentage - Why Does it Matter
Must Needed Bank Accounts
The Catchall Sinking Fund Categorization
52 Week Money Saving Challenge
Four Traits Necessary for Money Bliss
5 mins
Consistency & Perservance
6 mins
Discipline & Emotional Control
6 mins
5 mins
Making It All Work
Expenses are Higher than Income
Get Current On Bills
Living Paycheck to Paycheck
6 mins
Getting A Month Ahead
Slush Money
Spending Freeze
True Cost of Spending Habits
Live Below Your Means
Causes of Overspending Money
Net Worth
Credit Score
What's Next....
What We Covered...
Revisit the Material
Feedback is the Best
So Proud of You!
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